Friday, February 5, 2010

The Blue Castle

By: L.M. Montgomery

Published: 1926


"At twenty-nine Valancy had never been in love, and it seemed romance had passed her by. Living with her overbearing mother and meddlesome aunt, she found her only consolations in the "forbidden" books of John Foster and her daydreams of the Blue Castle. Then a letter arrived from Dr. Trent -- and Valancy decided to throw caution to the winds. For the first time in her life Valancy did and said exactly what she wanted. Soon she discovered a surprising new world, full of love and adventures far beyond her most secret dreams." (

My Thoughts:

I have loved every L.M. Montgomery I've read but The Blue Castle is still my favorite. It is completely cathartic. I enjoyed every true word Valency said as if I'd said it myself.

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