Sunday, February 7, 2010

Little House on the Prairie

By: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Published: 1935


"Meet Laura Ingalls, the little girl who would grow up to write the Little House books. Pa Ingalls decides to sell the little log house, and the family sets out for Indian country! They travel from Wisconsin to Kansas and there, finally, Pa builds their little house on the prairie. Sometimes farm life is difficult, even dangerous, but Laura and the family are kept busy and are happy with the promise of their new life on the prairie. Laura and her family journey west by covered wagon, only to find they are in Indian territory and must move on." (

My Thoughts:

This book is very close to my heart, though I haven't read it in years. As a Wisconsin native, I grew up with Wilder's stories. And legend has it, that my family is distantly related in Laura through her mother's family. My first experience in an archives (my now chosen profession) was when my father took us to look through the records to find out where Caroline was born, and we discovered that it was ten minutes from my parent's house. I remember my mom reading aloud every one of these books to me during my home school years, and waiting every week for a new (rerun) episode of Little House. Wilder and I are forever linked through those experiences.

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